Port De La Mer - Residential Community

Meraas Holdings, the project's developer, is pleased to announce the restart of the Port De La Mer Project. Jumeirah Dubai's waterfront expansion by La Mer Development. It includes an island expansion at the North Peninsula that extends roughly 700 meters out to sea and 130,000 meters in area, centered on a marina designed for the international jet-set selective yachting community.

The planned Port De La Mer island will have private apartments, three hotels, a yacht club, and space for at least 150 vessels to berth. The projects include the construction of a 1,250-foot-long quay divider made of precast concrete blocks, 1,500-foot-long shore protection works, 4.5 million cubic meters of digging, recovery, and soil improvement, 120,000 cubic meters of offshore safety along the offshore edge of the current North Peninsula, and 6,500 m3 of cast-set-up concrete crown dividers.