About Us

About Us

To know about us and what we do- especially if you are looking to buy, sale and rent property in Dubai, just feel free to visit The Dubai Lands. We have a complete list of all the properties that might fit your specific criteria. The Dubai Lands are proudly a subsidiary of The Emirates Business Group, a holding company based in Abu Dhabi with a diverse range of companies in their portfolio.

Being a small-to-medium sized real estate company with the backing of a large holding company we can be more adaptive to the market conditions and client’s needs, whilst at the same time benefiting from the influence of a corporation.

The Dubai Lands offer a full range of real estate services including sales of under development (off plan) communities, completed properties (residential sales), investment consultancy, real estate advisory, mortgage advisory and property management facilities.

We partner with large developers such as Emaar, Dubai Properties, Damac, Nshama as well as smaller developers in the off-plan sector. In the residential sales sector we have agents covering all the major residential areas of Dubai.

Our team originate from various cultural and professional backgrounds giving us a good base to communicate in the correct manner with all types of clients from across the world. Each agent specializes in all the services offered by the company.

Over the last 12 months we have successfully sold properties totally over AED 500 million in value enabling many investors, young professionals and families to meet their real estate objectives. Our agency is client centric ensuring our customers are assisted in the best possible way to fulfill their lifestyle and financial return objectives.

We also offer property investment management and advisory services to local, regional and global investors ensuring all clients are offered real estate advice to maximize high returns in both annual income and capital appreciation.